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Ramp letters

Chonchon Kashung,
Navarre, Florida

I'm delighted and proud to know that now Nagaland finally has a fashion magazine.  To me, it means a lot because this is platform that is still new to the Nagas as a whole. I see a bright future for Ramp magazine as it continues to grow and be an outlet for many talented Nagas in the world of art and fashion.

Senti Kichu.
Kohima, Nagaland

It was a pleasure to go through the first exclusive fashion magazine from Nagaland. The glossy look, great photography, young models and good articles gave a classy touch to the magazine. Keep featuring our budding designers and models. Let this magazine be a platform where they get the chance to showcase their talents and what they can give to the fashion world.

Longranty Longchar,
Going through the RAMP magazine made an interesting read, and to have a first of its kind fashion magazine in our own Nagaland state fills one’s heart with great delight. The contents and the layout of the magazine have been done professionally and surely it will go a long way in promoting the growing fashion industry not only in Nagaland but outside our state too.
Over the past few years, we have seen a steady growth in the fashion industry. We have seen young Naga fashion designers making it big in the national level, we have seen young models whose faces captured the pages of national newspapers and magazines, and we know that the fashion industry will grow in the days to come also, simply because a lot of young talented Naga people are taking to this profitable industry as a serious profession. Therefore, the launching of the RAMP, a dedicated fashion magazine has come at a right moment, so that it can be a platform for highlighting the achievements of the Naga models and designers and also educate the people on fashion and fashion industry by highlighting things from a global perspective in a local context. It is my sincere hope that the magazine would go a long way in promoting local fashion designers and models so that they can spread their wings and make it big in the national and international arena.
If Nagas have no dearth of talent, then RAMP magazine can surely go a long way in advertising those talents to the outside world. The first step has been taken by your magazine and the RAMP team of professionals, and fashion enthusiasts can now enjoy some wonderful insights into the world of fashion, and know the present scenario and work harder for the future development. I sincerely wish the RAMP magazine team to succeed in their endeavor, and with the right support from every corner, surely RAMP will have a positive impact on the society and revolutionize the fashion industry in the region. I share my sincere appreciation and respect to the RAMP Editor and her colleagues for this wonderful initiative in our state, and I wish RAMP a great success.
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On behalf of Ramp Magazine

I have been asked what would be the one thing I would change if I was to live my life all over again. Life would be too easy to realize the special someone who really matter then. I thank God for giving me this privilege to express, in words or by the lens, what I have accumulated from the ups and downs throughout my entire youth, and yet often going rough and still the tough way. I’ll take a say here.
A beginning experience in media film industrialism, a profession I have just stepped into in persuasion of a place I wish to live up to tells me that, in the course of utilizing as much talents that anybody can have, the more unexpected challenges come to test. What’s needed for the circumstance is to keep driving the mind with some hope, with passion and will power. When times get brutal, what always keeps me going is that little flame of hope with a little faith despite my weaknesses by the human nature. I believe it is never so impossible to reach  out to any platform and live your dreams but keeping in mind, come what may, the challenges you have to face.
As an enthusiast myself, my desire is to involve myself with and promote young Naga film making and theatrical enthusiasts on to the global platform. Nevertheless to those who crave with talents, I encourage Photography, Music and Sports too. We have very few Naga individuals in the Bollywood sector, also much lesser, yet already out there in the Hollywood realm and the European continent too, or if further I might need be enlightened. So much with to contain, the destiny for the youth in Nagaland is just bright only if we learn to acknowledge and support one another in spirit, and to take a step ahead to transcend inter-social-ism which by far and large has been such a foolish distraction.
I give due credit to all the inborn talents of Nagaland in fashion designing beginning with none other than Ramp Icon Bambi Kevichusa herself. Before I go on, what’s really worth mentioning is probably what’s there in the gene too, and it is Bambi’s dad himself Mr.Khrielie Kevichusa, the one amazing Naga violin maestro, who is an ever big boost to my musical insight and always an inspiring figure and I do take pride to say Mr.Kevichusa was my violin mentor too in my school days before high school. And the credit goes on to other substantial designers in the present day limelight worth mentioning few of them who are namely Rosou Rhi, Keds Krome, Kavi Kiba, Modovina Mocha and more, each of whose creativity I’ve witnessed or taped at many of their grand events. And my apology for missing out many a great lot with Atuo Sekhose as one exception, and yet altogether, their ingenious arts have immensely contributed to an inspiration enough to motivate today’s young minds and making it possible for Esther Longchar to present the first Fashion Magazine in Nagaland. I believe this will continue to be an eye opener for many talents to revitalize themselves as much as Ramp’s first issue has had a positive impact on me at this point of my life. Definitely, me getting to speak here is very much of a privilege when there are a big bunch out there much more deserving. While the whole concept put together is quite substantial to begin with, there’s an endless issue coming to each of you on board who’s got what it takes to pen down your insignia as and when calls the roll sooner.

- Vire Nukhu, Kohima

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